2-3 Jun 2019

About the Show

Food Hall, The Specialty Food & Drink Show, is not only one of a kind, but the first tradeshow of its kind in Australia, customised for the flourishing industry of specialty food and drink. Food Hall is committed to supporting the new, the quirky and the out of the ordinary products and businesses of the industry, providing a space for both specialty food and drink producers and buyers sourcing such products and ingredients to connect, network and conduct business.


Behind every great meal is a great story. Enriched with history and tales of adventure, explore what it took for these products to get to be what they are today. Home to a versatile range of premium and gourmet products, Food Hall is here to guide you on your journey to becoming the number one destination for all things fun, different and most of all, delicious.


Discover new products that are unlike anything else you have seen – or tasted, and be witness to the newest creations in the fast growing industry of specialty food and drinks in Australia. Find your next big break that will help you catch the eye of passers-by, stay one step ahead of the rest and give yourself an edge that people won’t be able to resist.


Unlike what many years of schooling taught us, learning can be fun, especially when it comes to everyone’s favourite subject, food! What makes a product gourmet? What makes it artisan? What makes it premium? Immerse yourself into the exciting world of specialty food and drinks, where the food not only tastes good, but looks fantastic.


Take your chance to meet with the A-listers of the specialty food and drinks industry and walk down the red carpet with the best of the best. Turn introductions into lifelong business partnerships, and connect with like-minded foodies as you discuss what is in store for the future of food.

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