1-3 Aug 2022


Amazon is a disruptive juggernaut that is dis-intermediating traditional sales and distribution channels and evolving as a magnet for online product discovery and research. It's hyped-up arrival into Australia further fragments a rapidly changing retail environment. But what’s the real size of the prize here and what do you need to know to take advantage? Professional Amazon seller Bill Trainor has generated a 7-figure turnover marketing his own and his clients’ products exclusively on the Amazon platform. He’s trained with the best Amazon strategists in the US and has first hand insight into what it takes to succeed with out-of-the-box tips you won’t learn from traditional consultants.

This talk will demystify the hype and cover:

• Size of the prize – America, Europe, and Australia - marketplace benefits and pitfalls
• How do you sell on Amazon and what’s the path to market? What models are available in Australia, what are the pros and cons of each and how do you engage with this retailer?
• Branded vs private label - which is better and the pros and cons of each
• Proven steps to a successful launch
• Pricing and how you make money
• Advertising and how to make your product sell
• Keys to successful list management, including Pay Per Click strategy, inventory management and scaling.

Discover emerging trends forecast for Australia from the world’s largest and fast-growing market for healthy products, North America.

Get your essential annual social media briefing for right now! Award-winning social media marketer Davitha Ghiassi shares how to achieve real ROI, real fast with the latest reach algorithms, management tools and frontline engagement strategies in this fast-paced, practical talk.

You’ll learn:
- The 'State of social' in Australia for 2018 - the landscape, key channels and trends
- Three guiding principles - social media strategies to elevate your business to best practice
- One post, one job - a model for KPI setting and success measurement

The triple quest to continually reduce costs, increase productivity, and minimise waste drives every business that manufactures or distributes products.
Rapid developments in cloud-based applications mean that businesses no longer have to juggle multiple spreadsheets or rely on outdated legacy software to manage their growing operations.
David Procter from Unleashed Software shares how cloud applications can help manufacturers and distributors of health, food, and beverage products gain real-time stock and margin visibility to make better business decisions every day.
Key presentation points:
● How can moving to cloud applications help your growing business
● When should you adopt cloud applications
● How do you select the right applications for your business
● How have speciality health, food, and beverage companies used Unleashed to manage their business

How do emerging brands connect with customers, and legacy brands stay current in an increasingly competitive health market? Learn how health brands have the greatest opportunity to emotionally effect audiences, how to use data to understand and reach consumers, and grow long-term trusted relationships in a dynamic media landscape.

Our panel of elite heavy-weight buyers share insider intel on how to stand out and pitch your product to get on the shelves of major national retailers. You’ll leave this session knowing exactly how to approach major retailers of food and beverage, complementary medicines and personal care products; attributes of successful products; how ranging decisions are made; and key actions you can take tomorrow to perfect your pitch to retail.

How do you attract, retain and profitably work with distributors in a dynamic retail environment with multiple supply chains, and which model will help take your brand from start-up to next level distribution? This session explores cross-category key players, their role and misconceptions, developing your pitch, structuring deals and how to avoid common pitfalls in a changing marketplace for every brand wanting to scale.

How do you fund growth without paying the ultimate price of losing control of your business? Learn about different options from angel investing to co-equity, what it takes to raise funds, from building value to debt and growth financing, growth capital, and demystifying capital-raising terms.

Finding the right investor and delivering your pitch is one of the biggest tests you'll face in growing your business, but are you ready to answer and ask the critical questions? Hear direct from investors and those who've walked the path on key success factors, common mistakes, how to prove value, questions to ask and insight to improve your odds of success.

Globally renowned health and specialty products expert Bob Burke shares his extensive experience in what it takes for health brands to achieve velocity growth and scale. Bob is a sought after speaker at Expo West and East, The Specialty Food Association’s Winter and Summer Fancy Food Shows in the US and has been advising leading natural, organic and specialty food manufacturers for almost 30 years. This session is for every business dreaming of greater heights, out of the box strategies, and a plan to succeed.

• Key questions every business owner should ask to achieve true brand innovation and differentiation in a competitive market
• How to asses if you’ve got what it takes to really sell off the shelf before attempting to scale by testing key assumptions on variables like optimal price point, where to merchandise, how to promote and demo, and how to tell your story to the trade and consumer
• The black and white margins every business owner needs to reach
• The essentials to channel planning for growth, including how to manage selling between smaller and larger stores and across different channels

Present your brand at the Naturally Good Pitch Fest! This is your chance to make a lasting impression in five minutes and pitch your brand to our Summit audience of brand owners, investors, consultants, retailers, suppliers, and panel of veteran judges.

The Pitch Fest full of invaluable gold nuggets to help you fast-track your success! As our Pitch Fest audience, you’ll grow with your peers as our panel of esteemed veteran judges share their insight with our five finalists.

Exporting is a critical step to build sales, expand market share, diversify and reduce risk in the Australian marketplace, but where are the opportunities for Australian products, how do you assess them, what are the common mistakes made, and are you strategically poised for success? Export Connect Director Najib Lawand will talk to three healthy brand owners who’ve walked the path, while sharing key pillars to building your global strategy, how to assess your readiness to enter foreign markets, and where to seek help.

While China is widely viewed as the land of opportunity for Australian health brands, the stakes and the risks are high and most experts agree there’s no such thing as an overnight success. Chaired by Export Connect Director Najib Lawand, you’ll gain insights from those who’ve walked the path, learn how to assess your readiness, minimise your risk, market entry strategies and how to leverage cross-border e-commerce.

North America is one of the world’s largest markets for healthy products and offers many opportunities for Australian brands. Learn how to take advantage by understanding the size, scope, trends, key players, customer expectations, cost of going to market, key entry points and the roles of the broker, distributor and importer.

Gut health continues to dominate the wellness agenda with consumer awareness of the functional benefits is at an all-time high. But what’s next? What are the new market segments for products that support a healthy gut, where is the innovation, and how should retailers and brands position these products in the future? Gut health specialist Kara Landau will discuss:

• Prebiotics – the next wave and the missing piece of the gut health puzzle. What are prebiotics and resistant starches, and what is their role in the good health equation?
• Why messaging matters and how to resonate with younger audiences
• What retailers can learn from emerging online brands
• The role of social media and influencer culture in awareness, education and driving demand
• Understanding the gut health link in products claiming functional benefits – beauty, concentration and mood
• Emerging products locally and across the globe.

Knowing how to use Facebook ads effectively can drive more leads for your business in 2018 that any other paid channel. Fourteen years in and with more than 2 billion monthly users, Facebook still dominates the social media landscape. It can help you push more on-the-fence leads down your funnel and build new qualified leads - if you have the right strategy and execute with agility and precision. Mitch Barrington, Founder of pureplay Facebook advertising agency Freshly, shares proven tactics to help you win on Facebook in 2018 in this fast-paced, must-attend session!

You’ll learn:
• How the algorithm works right now and why this is key to mastering Facebook advertising
• Why the word “social” is the most important one in the term “social media”
• Three things that (almost) every Facebook advertiser does wrong and how to avoid doing them yourself

Fighting discount retailers is becoming a bigger challenge each year. How can independent retailers compete without losing margin? In this session we will share examples of effective strategies used by independent retailers to bring meaning to today’s buzz words: fresh, convenience, differentiation, special diets, service, community.

Consumers are becoming more mindful and increasingly making purchase decisions that match their values. These two talks explore the growth of the ethical consumer, their preferences and how to capitalise on this growing opportunity.

A. The rise of the ethical consumer: Sara Agostino, Research Analyst at Euromonitor International
Increasing awareness around ethical and environmental issues is driving the rise in mindful consumption. The new frontier of ethical consumption is integrating into all aspects of consumers’ lifestyles with health and nutrition being obvious starting points. But how can you get the attention of these consumers and influence their buying decisions?
Research Analyst Sara Agostino from Euromonitor International will dive into the realm of the ethical consumer and discuss:
• What are the driving forces behind ethical consumerism
• What is the Australian ethical consumer looking for and how can you capture their attention
• How local brands and retailers are encouraging the growth of ethical consumerism

B. How to position ethical products: Katrina Fox, Vegan Business Media
As more consumers seek out products that align with their values, brands that have a strong ethics policy in regards to people, animals and planet are uniquely equipped to serve this fast-growing market. But what is the best way to position ethical products?
Journalist, author and Forbes contributor Katrina Fox from Vegan Business Media will explore these issues including:
• How to convey your ethical stance without coming across as ‘preachy’
• Should you use the word ‘vegan’ in your branding, marketing or packaging, or is it better to use ‘plant-based’?
• Where should retailers position these products in store?

Digital marketing helps level the playing field between small and big business, but understanding what you can and can’t do online and how to protect your own IP can seem like a minefield. Sinclair+May Director Jessica Kerr and solicitor Anna Martin simplify the complex, sharing critical ways to avoid common pitfalls in this must-attend session. She’ll cover social media; online competitions; privacy and data collection; email marketing and spam; advertising; security; and what to do if your intellectual property is violated online.

You’ll leave this session knowing:
• How to make sure your website is protects your business
• Rules of play for online marketing, social media and copyright
• Trade promotions and online competitions - how to get them right

Maternal nutrition has a profound effect on the development of the oocyte, early embryo and foetus. Join leading women’s health naturopath Amanda Haberecht as she takes a deep dive into emerging nutritional research and its impact on hormonal health, hormone receptivity and preconception. Amanda specialises in reproductive health, infertility, miscarriage prevention, recurrent miscarriage and preconception care.

This talk will discuss:

• Nutritional imbalances and their impact on both male and female reproductive health
• Key nutrients for healthy hormone production, early embryo development, implantation, endometrial receptivity and miscarriage risk
• Antioxidants and mitochondrial nutrients necessary for oocyte, sperm, placental development and early embryonic health
• Hormonal detoxification strategies (how do we investigate and manage oestrogen excess, hormonal metabolism via the gut, and reducing exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals)
• Case studies with nutritional protocols will be presented to provide comprehensive nutritional strategies when treating more complex patients

This talk will outline the use of herbal medicines in the management of all types of fungal infections.

The structure, biology, and nature of fungal pathogens will be discussed, along with their effect on the immune system. This talk will also detail treatment aims, the classes of herbal medicines that are most indicated, the key herbal medicines to use and their mechanisms of action. Practical formulation guidelines will be provided, enabling practitioners to confidently and efficaciously treat fungal pathogens and their associated conditions.

SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, is where an individual experiences an excess of bacteria in the small intestine. Stress, medications, diet and our face-paced lifestyle all play a role in the development of SIBO and for individuals affected, the implications of SIBO often go far beyond digestive discomfort.

In this clinically-based presentation, you will learn:
• How to identify the risk factors and understand the pathophysiology of SIBO
• An understanding of the clinical picture of SIBO, how to identify a ‘SIBO patient’ and when to test
• An understanding of the implications SIBO has on the individual’s health and wellbeing beyond digestion Naturopathic and nutritional management of SIBO Post treatment of SIBO – where to next?

Depression and comorbid mental health disorders have been shown to increase the level of physical and mental impairment with subsequent advancements in metabolic dysfunction. Depression is expected to be the second major cause of disability adjusted life years, following ischaemic heart disease by 2020 (World Health Organization).

Early recognition and treatment of mental health disorders is important to prevent development of stress, anxiety or depression and complex mental health conditions.
The specific understanding neurotransmission pathways, pyrroles, methylation and nutrient imbalances in the context of neurotransmitter influences and its correlations with diet, hormones, stress, sex drive, weight gain and adrenal fatigue provide a novel and effective approach to combatting the stress and anxiety underpinning depression.

The presentation will provide an overview of the latest prospects of assessments, the relationship of diet, nutraceuticals and genetics in mental health.

You’ll learn:

• Parameters of testing in mental health, what to test, how to interpret results and how to treat the patient
• Understand inter-relationship of neuro-transmitters and neuro-modulators with the various testing options of pyrroles, histamine, nutrient imbalances, methylation and genetics
• Correlation and perceived benefits of specific nutrients, dietary modification, antioxidant, amino acid in depression, stress, and anxiety.
• Natural evidence based treatment approaches

Vitamin E includes the tocopherols and tocotrienols from edible plant products such as palm oil, rice bran and wheat germ. These phytonutrients have potential cardiovascular and metabolic health-promoting properties. Most research has been on the readily available alpha-tocopherol, as this was considered the only derivative to have biological activity. However, recent research shows that the tocotrienols have unique anti-inflammatory and anti-angiogenic properties not shared by the tocopherols.

The tocotrienols, especially the γ- and δ-isomers, have positive and unique benefits in supporting healthy functioning of the:
• brain to reduce stroke-induced injuries and attenuation of white matter lesions (an independent risk factor for stroke),
• heart to reduce cholesterol concentrations, support arterial compliance, attenuate oxidative stress and improve endothelium-dependent vascular relaxation,
• liver to attenuate fatty liver, and
• skin and hair growth as a potent antioxidant, with preferential accumulation in the strata corneum as the skin’s first line of defence.

This presentation will provide an overview of research evidence of the unique health benefits of tocotrienols, also to our recent research publication in a rat model of diet-induced metabolic syndrome showing that oral administration of the γ- and δ-tocotrienols are much more effective than α-tocotrienol and α-tocopherol to reverse obesity-related metabolic changes to abdominal fat pads, systolic blood pressure, heart and liver structure and function, and inflammatory biomarkers. The most important mechanism of action is the reduction of inflammation in organs throughout the body.

Adrenal, thyroid and Hormone and their vasomotor symptoms are expected to be the most prevalent disease over the forecast period owing to increasing number of men and women approaching the meno- and andropausal age.

Chronic stress and adrenal exhaustion are some of the most common presentations in clinical practice today. Fatigue, insomnia, weakness with associated hormone imbalance, moodiness, weight gain, immune dysfunction, bone loss and low libido are all linked to a compromised endocrine function.

The adrenal gland is the home of the fight or flight stress response and works in synergy with the thyroid hormones for energy and weight regulation. The relationship between endocrine hormones can disrupt the effective communication and collaborative hormonal functions of the adrenal, thyroid, and reproductive glands and exacerbate imbalances in the neurotransmitter systems and the valuable microbiome.

In this presentation, you’ll learn
• How does the adrenal hormones impact on hormones and thyroid
• Explore the multidirectional influences of sex and thyroid hormones on the physiology
• Optimal assessment options and which test is best
• How to interpret results and correlate to physiological symptoms
• Comprehensive natural treatment options within a clinical context

Marketing on both Facebook and Instagram has changed. There’s less organic reach, but do you have to pay to play? What else should you be doing in 2018 to continue to reach your customers? Award winning digital marketing expert Alita Harvey-Rodriguez gives you her top tips for staying relevant, and being seen today. She’ll cover:
• The big algorithms changes you need to know
• How customer-centric content is changing the social selling game
• How to increase engagement without “baiting”

Influencer marketing is here to stay and should be a critical part of every marketer’s toolkit. But the landscape and social platforms are evolving, consumers are becoming savvier, and influencers are upping the stakes. So what do you need to know to build a profitable influencer program in 2018? Award winning marketer Adam Freedman shares the latest on how to build a strategy, engage the right influencers, prioritise partnerships over payments, and drive and measure your ROI.
You’ll learn:
• What influencer marketing means in 2018 and why it matters now more than ever
• Three ways to maximise your efforts - how to navigate influencer marketing, and ignite and maintain winning collaborations
• Measuring success - tangible ways to make sure your effort counts

When it comes to attracting new customers, research shows email works 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter combined. And with customers three times more likely to make a purchase (and spend more) via email links than social media, this is one tool every business should use whether you run a bricks and mortar store or sell online. Leading digital marketing futurist Alita Harvey-Rodriguez will take a deep dive into the most profitable emails from drip campaigns to cart abandonment, post purchase retention, cross-selling and upselling. You’ll gain the tools and strategies to run a growth-focused, sales generating, email marketing program that will satisfy and delight your subscribers and customers, and boost your bottom line.

You learn:
• How to identify the gaps and opportunities in your existing email marketing strategy
• How to Boost email ROI with campaign integration techniques 
• Understand how to boost your open, click, conversion and revenue rates from email using three simple tricks

Consumers are trading up everyday products in their shopping trolleys, but what makes them consider paying higher prices and how do you attract and retain those willing to pay more? Leading brand and marketing expert Ian Segail shares key strategies and tactics to appeal to consumers looking for premium goods – and it's not just about price! He’ll discuss the how the premium market is being disrupted by new players and the mindset shift necessary to take advantage.
You leave this session knowing:
• Why traditional marketing is failing and how to capture the new premium consumer
• Which segments are willing to pay more and what are they looking for
• Three key tactics for attracting, selling to and retaining these customers

How do the most loved brands use storytelling to create a connection with their audiences and dominate their niche? This lively Q&A will dive deep into the behind the scenes strategies used by some of Australia’s most loved food and brands. Join the content team behind Archie Rose Distilling Co. and other well-known food and drinks brands as they share their secret recipes for success.

You’ll learn:
• The definition of great brand content
• How you can use it to drive brand engagement and growth
• How often should you refresh your content
• A step by step case study look at using content to launch a new brand or product
• Where it fits in your overall marketing plan

Australia’s appetite for organics is growing year on year but what are consumers buying and why? Where are the growth areas both locally and in the global marketplace? For the first time you’ll receive exclusive intel on top-selling product categories, emerging trends in shopper behaviour and where future opportunities lie in this must-attend session. Discover what’s hot in key categories of food and beverage, beauty and personal care and more.

Don’t miss your essential annual briefing on what’s new and next! Globally renowned health and specialty products expert Bob Burke shares insider intel on what’s hitting the world’s largest and fastest-growing heathy, premium and gourmet product market – North America. With the Australian market rapidly following US trends, this session delivers a critical and expert view of key growth areas for our local market. He’ll cover three key categories – healthy and premium food and drink, beauty and personal care, and vitamins and supplements.

Bob Burke is a sought after speaker at Expo West and East, The Specialty Food Association’s Winter and Summer Fancy Food Shows in the US and is an advisor to leading natural, organic and specialty food manufacturers and retailers worldwide.

Independent retailers can feel like an endangered species in a market dominated by the Big Guys, with their purchasing power, discounts and capital to invest in technology, staff and keeping shelves stocked. This panel will share the strategies of Australian independent retailers who are thriving, despite the multitude of threats to their existence.

You’ll hear how these independents serve their local communities while propelling innovation, diversity and entrepreneurship. Gain insights into how the nimble and agile business model offers the greatest opportunity to quickly respond to changing consumer demands, embrace trends, engender local support, offer diversity and and support the growing number of entrepreneur suppliers, who are often unable to start out on the shelves of larger corporates.

With women making 90 per cent of consumer decisions and the global female consumer economy valued at $28 trillion, they have more power to transform your bottom line. Today’s women are influential and educated, and more likely to share their experiences with brands online and offline. Yet they continue to be business’ biggest blind spot, a dissatisfied, untapped market seeking validation and understanding. This powerful panel will demystify what women truly want, sharing how to avoid common pitfalls and opportunities for businesses to win the hearts and minds of women.

Private label products have traditionally been seen as cheaper, lower quality alternatives, but perceptions are changing and the switch is on! Savvy Australian consumers have become a nation of ‘super savers’, driving growth of private brands in their quest for value without compromising on quality.

Retailers around the world are heavily focused on driving exclusive 'store brand' offerings in order to grow store loyalty. Should you be doing the same? What is driving this growth trend?  Which consumer segments are leading the charge? How can private brands help retailers attract new shoppers and increase their number of weekly visits? And how can manufacturers and retailers work together to take advantage?

Private Label Manufacturers Association General Manager Bill Trainor shares insights, opportunities and the state of play from both the retailer and manufacturer perspective. You’ll learn:
• Current trends impacting private label 
• What consumers want and key segments driving growth
• Branded vs private label: how can they co-exist?
• Should all retailers focus on launching exclusive 'retailer brands'?
• How do you take advantage of this enormous opportunity for your business?

Defining healthy products is a real challenge. High protein, no sugar, low fat, high fibre, gluten-free and many other claims on-pack are changing the way consumers shop. In the last five years, there were 28% more people choosing a vegetarian diet and 11% more people purchasing organic, while reduced fat or low GI claims saw a decline in popularity among grocery shoppers. 17% of Australians are highly concerned about their health and are making active decisions to choose healthier products, but what does that mean for their grocery baskets? Which ingredients and portions of are most likely to get your product in more Australians baskets and what trends are emerging in the market? During Nielsen's presentation, Rahim Ladha, Director Retail Client Service will discuss theclaims that are trending in market now and how to navigate the changing healthy consumer.

Patricia is an acupuncturist with over 15 years’ experience, is one of Australia's best known health experts, and founder of newLife centre for Women and acuIVF™.

In this talk, she’ll focus on the use of complementary and alternative therapies in IVF, including:
• Holistic therapies approach to fertility
• How can acupuncture treatments help improve fertility and increase the chances of having a baby?
• What’s the evidence?
• Pre-natal supplements
• Specific fertility boosting supplements

With soaring rates of obesity and diabetes, it is clear our modern Western diet has failed, yet popular health and fitness alternatives such as the high protein/low carb and 'Paleo' style diets may also be contributing to acid-alkaline imbalance, with far reaching health implications.

New research is emerging on the role of acid-alkaline dysregulation in the body as a driver of pain and inflammation, often leaving us in a conundrum about what diet is best. In this highly topical and interesting session we will look at the evidence on high protein/low carb diets in the context of our true 'paleo' ancestors and provide helpful strategies to assist in reducing pain and inflammation through pH regulation and mineral therapy.

Seaweed is a $6B global crop; it’s highly sustainable under the right production technology and nutritionally potent. Added to our mainstream food chain, seaweed could contribute significantly to reducing chronic diseases related to western malnutrition; that is, empty calories and limited-function foods. Although the perception of seaweed in food is positive and practiced by many now in Asian cuisine, it is still regarded as a novelty by westerners.

Dr Pia Windberg will present the case for seaweed in contributing to our basic food intake in the west… for everyone… every day. There are critical health challenges that can be addressed with the simple addition of seaweed, including the well documented delivery of trace elements, but also less well known benefits to the gut microbiome and substantial consequences for population health. The outcomes from recent clinical trials will be presented, as well as the scale and breadth of implications for western health.

Quality of life with an active-adult population demands joint comfort, flexibility and motion. However, current treatment options for joint discomfort are limited, not designed for long-term use, are fraught with side effects, and do not help restore healthy joints. Eric Anderson, Senior Vice President of NattoPharma will present the findings of the latest human double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, conducted in the development of TamaFlex, on the combination of two novel plant extracts to reduce both chronic and acute inflammation.  

This new formulation:
• Developed to target the mediation of the COX-2 enzyme, the target of most NSAIDS, which provide fast relief, but wear of equally quickly
• Also targets the the newly recognized 5-LOX enzyme for systemic support.  5-LOX inhibitors have slower onset, but sustain relief over time, reducing break-through discomfort
• Finally, connective tissue is provided protection and initial data suggest unique benefits for cartilage health

Chronic Allergies: As the incidence of allergy and related conditions continues to steadily rise, it would seem that the underlying issues are common with many other chronic health issues. Environmental toxins, inadequate diet and drug use compounded by stress are having a deleterious effect on our immune system.

As natural medicine practitioners, we are at the forefront of being able to assist patients suffering from allergies to improve their health outcomes and quality of life. This webinar will focus on the practical clinical application of the latest research and naturopathic philosophies to address chronic allergies.

Key learning outcomes:
¥ Why are allergies becoming more prevalent?
¥ The surprisingly broad clinical presentations associated with histamine
¥ Low histamine diets: reality vs myth
¥ A scientific understanding of the relevance and application of naturopathic principles as a long-term treatment strategy

Calcium is important for strong, healthy bones and teeth and vitamin K2 has been found to be a key nutrient in the process of directing and depositing calcium into healthy skeletal structure.  But what happens if you don’t have enough vitamin K2 to ensure the calcium you’re getting in your diet is making it to your bones?

New research, conducted in the development of MenaQ7® Vitamin K2, suggests vitamin K2 deficiency poses as high as a risk for cardiovascular disease as tobacco use. This is because an absence of vitamin K2 can result in calcium build up in the arteries, which may increase cardiovascular risk. A recent ground-breaking study found vitamin K2 protects against arterial calcification and even improves arterial flexibility by helping the body properly utilize calcium. Unfortunately, vitamin K2 deficiency has been shown to be widespread, even for those who consume healthy diets, and may lead to sub-optimal bone and heart health.

Join Craig Fallshaw, CEO, Complementary Medicines Group, as he explains the vital function of vitamin K2 supported by a substantial body of clinical evidence, and provide insights on how to ensure calcium is being properly used by the body to build strong bones, while simultaneously protecting cardiovascular health.

For e-commerce companies, there is no metric more important than the checkout process conversion rate. Even a minuscule increase of 1 per cent in conversion rate can add thousands of dollars in real money to your business. Award winning e-commerce marketer Kate Gamble shares the most profitable techniques to help customers find what they want to purchase with ease. She’ll cover how to best use imagery and charts, the psychology of conversion statements, reciprocity, reputation, urgency and scarcity, and making the most of media. This fast-paced talk is a must for everyone who sells online!

Discover the four key trends driving growth and influencing consumer behaviour in Australia’s food and beverage market. Mintel Key Account Director Justin Nel will explore the impact of increasingly stressful and hectic lives on food and drink choices, the demand for transparent labels, and how engineered food is disrupting the traditional food chain. Don’t miss your essential industry briefing for 2018!

A family-owned business 46 years in the making, Harris Farm has stood the test of time and financial adversity to become a cult brand. Winning the hearts and purse strings of customers with it's values-led approach and bold moves in the name of ethical retail, the independent chain has grown from single fruit shop in western Sydney to 28 stores, 2,500 staff and an online shopping offer that gives the majors a run for their money. We get up close and personal with Co-CEO Tristan Harris in this intimate discussion on how Harris Farm rose from the ashes of liquidation to become a retailing empire.

The growth of new channels, platforms and retail ecosystems is giving consumers more choice than ever before on where and how they spend their hard earned dollars. How do you find your tribe, stand out and achieve cut-through in an increasingly fragmented market? Award-winning marketer Kate Gamble shares out of the box strategies to get more customers and make more sales – whether you're a bricks and mortar store or sell online, these are techniques every business should use. Learn the latest strategies to help you understand and connect with your audience, from hacking the algorithms to personalisation and more!

Gen Z is rapidly becoming Australia’s next purchasing superpower, representing 20 per cent our population and 30 per cent globally! True digital natives, these younger siblings of millennials are tech saavy, highly selective and are demanding things be done differently. Understanding how they differ to older generations is critical as they start to form their own brand preferences and develop personal buying habits. What are the rules of engagement for brands? How are shopping? And what are the key things businesses need to consider now to create loyalty?

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