1-3 Aug 2022

Ethical Consumer: Are You Turning Them On or Off? – Sarah Agostino & Katrina Fox

Ethical Consumer: Are You Turning Them On or Off? - Sarah Agostino & Katrina Fox

Jun 28, 2018 Business School

Consumers are becoming more mindful and increasingly making purchase decisions that match their values. These two talks explore the growth of the ethical consumer, their preferences and how to capitalise on this growing opportunity.

A. The rise of the ethical consumer: Sara Agostino, Research Analyst at Euromonitor International
Increasing awareness around ethical and environmental issues is driving the rise in mindful consumption. The new frontier of ethical consumption is integrating into all aspects of consumers’ lifestyles with health and nutrition being obvious starting points. But how can you get the attention of these consumers and influence their buying decisions?

Research Analyst Sara Agostino from Euromonitor International will dive into the realm of the ethical consumer and discuss:
• What are the driving forces behind ethical consumerism
• What is the Australian ethical consumer looking for and how can you capture their attention
• How local brands and retailers are encouraging the growth of ethical consumerism

B. How to position ethical products: Katrina Fox, Vegan Business Media
As more consumers seek out products that align with their values, brands that have a strong ethics policy in regards to people, animals and planet are uniquely equipped to serve this fast-growing market. But what is the best way to position ethical products?
Journalist, author and Forbes contributor Katrina Fox from Vegan Business Media will explore these issues including:
• How to convey your ethical stance without coming across as ‘preachy’
• Should you use the word ‘vegan’ in your branding, marketing or packaging, or is it better to use ‘plant-based’?
• Where should retailers position these products in store?

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