1-3 Aug 2022

Profitable Emails Every Business Should Use – Alita Harvey-Rodriguez

Profitable Emails Every Business Should Use - Alita Harvey-Rodriguez

Jun 21, 2018 Business School

When it comes to attracting new customers, research shows email works 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter combined. And with customers three times more likely to make a purchase (and spend more) via email links than social media, this is one tool every business should use whether you run a bricks and mortar store or sell online. Leading digital marketing futurist Alita Harvey-Rodriguez will take a deep dive into the most profitable emails from drip campaigns to cart abandonment, post purchase retention, cross-selling and upselling. You’ll gain the tools and strategies to run a growth-focused, sales generating, email marketing program that will satisfy and delight your subscribers and customers, and boost your bottom line.

You learn:
• How to identify the gaps and opportunities in your existing email marketing strategy
• How to Boost email ROI with campaign integration techniques
• Understand how to boost your open, click, conversion and revenue rates from email using three simple tricks

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